The Good Kitchen

“The food is always something special. Festive, delicate, different and inspiring. It is light and very interesting food, always something to look forward to, when I host a conference at the hostel.” – Annette Friese, organizational development consultant.

Quality Bread Is Important
Bread is wonderful with every meal – and because it is important to us to offer a quality product, we bake all of our own white bread.

Good Bread Takes Time
We bake all of our bread from scratch. We let our dough rise over night in the refrigerator. The next day it is shaped into loaves, that get a second rise. This way we achieve a very crunchy crust and a great tasting interior. The kitchen bakes bread every day – while we all get to enjoy the aroma spreading through out the building.

Manitoba Bread
In the kitchen we use many different types of flour, such as Italian flour, spelt and durum. At the moment, we have great success with bread baked with Manitoba Cream flour – a flour with a high gluten content.